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Fastest capping and finishing machine on the market

Plastic and laminate tubes capper


The MF20 is a state-of-the-art, fully automatic capping and finishing machine used for applying top seal and caps onto tubes at a speed of up to 315 pieces per minute using the Cotuplas technology.



BTS Cobra Bouchon 3 BTS Cobra Bouchon 2

BTS Cobra Bouchon 1


  • Sprue Snipping / Carrot Cutting
  • Top Seal / Temper Evidence Membrane
  • Cap Presence Control
  • Cap Orientation Control

Technical Information

Data MF20
Production Speed Up to 315 tubes/min.
Cap Diameter 13.5 – 50 mm
Tube Length with Cap Max. 240 mm


Fastest capping machine on the market

Screw-on & snap-on caps capability

Easy integration to production line

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