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What is Overmolding ?

Many products in our everyday life are the result of overmolding. Highly decorated butter containers, connectors, screw drivers, needle tips, items with threaded inserts, or even cosmetic tubes are all realized by overmolding.

Overmolding is the process of injecting one layer of material over an insert creating a single component. The insert could be a flexible film or a rigid part (like a needle or an RFID chip or even a brush).  Several key benefits include improved appearance, durability and sterility of finished products. The elimination of secondary processes, such as bonding or adhesives, required for assembly is also achieved.

What is Overmolding+ ?

Overmolding may be a standard process, but making sure that the two parts fit together with no gaps and no possibility of slippage causing distortion of shape requires extreme precision. Buying the right machine with the right technology is then vital to your business.

Cotuplas has developped a new and unique technology that will set a new trend in the overmolding industry. It is a rotary indexed platform fully customizable to meet your needs.


While with classic Overmolding operating on multiples cavities is exponentially more complex, with Overmolding+ this process is simplified. Indeed, one operation is performed for a maximum of nine cavities at a time. For a higher output, less parts are produced simultaneously. Our technology allows you to produce up to 315 parts per minute.

Furthermore, cavity filling is completely independent which is particularly advantageous for the assembly of two parts. Also, this allows molding of parts with different colors and different weights at the same moment.

Key Benefits

Simplified Process

As each operation is singled out, the complexity is reduced. With smaller mold cavitations, parts validations are faster and this results in time and cost savings.

Auxiliary Operations Without Re-Handling

The orientation of parts allows to perform optional auxiliary operations such as high frequency welding, pad printing and in-mold assembly without re-handling.

Quality Control

The orientation of parts allows to run a 100% in-line inspection. Only parts within tolerance are kept and this doesn’t involve any additional machinery operations.

How does it work?

Overmolding+ is an all in one dedicated technology with traveling molds on a rotary platform. You can configure 6 to 8 stations with 1 to 9 cavities per station. With proper customization, you can influence on the pace of the machine and manufacture specific products for demanding industries.


Our machine OMP 9.8

High-speed overmolding machine

A new trend in the overmolding


Technical Information

Data OMP 9.8
Production Speed Up to 300 parts/min.
Cavities 32 to 72
Stations 6 to 8


Automatic cutting and loading of insert film

Inline QC inspection

Assembly operation option

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